Sticker Guy! 15th Anniversary Bash

rough flier

Sticker Guy Pete here, I’m organizing this to celebrate 15 sticky years!

There are no tickets yet, but there will be. Capacity of the venue is 250. We will announce the venue soon. The lineup shown above is who is CONFIRMED — there are several more bands & discjocks in the works! If you would like to attend, my recommendation at this point is to arrange your travel. Be in the Reno area by early Friday evening, March 28th, and stay til Sunday the 30th. I recommend *not* reserving accomodation yet — Friday will not be *in* Reno — but only 45 minutes away. We’re working on Saturday — it will probably be in Reno (or Sparks). So most likely, you’ll be spending one night in one town, another in Reno or Sparks. At any rate, I would like for everyone to stay in the best places possible, so hold off and wait for my recommendations as to where! Okay?

Again: if you already know you want to attend, mark your calendars, get the time off of work, and arrange your travel now! Sit tight for accomodation and ticket info. Check for details & updates, they will be posted soon.

thanks and I hope to see you in March.


2 responses to “Sticker Guy! 15th Anniversary Bash

  1. you might want to post updates here… I’m gonna be there.

  2. lean y estefano

    Vaya fiestorros que te organizas cabroni,.

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