It’s looking like a sell-out / accomodation / SCURVY BASTARDS

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Hey Kids – a quick update:


Based on the number of tickets we’ve sold since we put them on sale just ten days ago, it’s looking like the event will sell out — unless we move it to a bigger venue. I’ve got until this Sunday, March 2nd to make a final decision. So if you are planning to come, please buy your tickets right away

If you’re hoping to come, or planning to come, buy your tickets before this Sunday — afterwards it may be too late. The number of tickets sold by Sunday morning will definitely influence my final decision. If I know that more people are coming than will fit into the venues we have booked, I will move the event to a larger venue. We don’t want anyone to be left out in the cold…

Speaking of, a lot of you have been asking about hotels. We haven’t given any advice on hotels yet because of the possibility of a venue change. Until the venue is set into stone, our best advice is to wait until it is. Check back here next week for hotel information and our recommendations. There will be deals offered at select hotels.

Oh yeah, and we’re very close to confirming another band on the bill — and it’s another reunion! Reno’s SCURVY BASTARDS



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