THANKS to everyone for coming, the bands and DJs for playing,
and the Underground for hosting — we had a blast!!! The party was
a huge success all around. Sorry if you missed the surprise repeat
SCARED OF CHAKA gig at 2:30am on Saturday night… now you know
to be ready for surprises the next time I throw a big party! And there
definitely will be a next time, this was too fun to do just once.

Please post links to your photos and videos somewhere on this page!
Thanks to Captain America from ‘burque for posting these great
photos and videos

Here’s my favorite:

I’ll post my video of that surprise SOC gig as soon as I find the time to
edit it…


6 responses to “BAM! PARTY A BIG SUCCESS

  1. I got one video up, I plan on doing more.

  2. Hey Pete and Sticker Gang! You really know how to throw a party. Here is a little photo blog from my trip back to Reno for the best weekend ever!


  3. hey paisan,

    thanks for the b-day bash and especially for getting those chaka boys back together. now if only we could convince the drags to play a reunion show….

    i would’ve driven all that way just to hear “horshack” again. everything else was a bonus.

    mil gracias,



    call for reviews: i’ve been wanting to do an issue of wig wam bam with tons of write-ups of the same gig for years so this is gonna be it!

    anyone/everyone: send me reviews of the gig, any/all bands, your road trip, hotel, rants, raves, reminisences, anything related to this show and i’ll run it. short, long, whatever. i edit for spelling and punctutation. the rest is up to you.

    send your mailing address and you’ll get a crummy paper copy.

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